Teshuva: Together, We Can Do It, By Rabbi Ori Bergman

Who do we talk to when we face a challenge? When we’ve faltered and are ashamed of ourselves, or when we lack clarity, to whom do we turn?

My most spiritually difficult times in life persisted in light of an absence of the support I desperately needed or didn’t realize I needed.

Judaism envisions having a support system that helps us see clearly during uncertainty and holds us accountable when we are hiding out.

If we have a personal issue, problem or failing and feel we cannot talk about it to anyone, then there’s a significant problem. As a Rabbi occupied with Jewish outreach, I’ve observed many Jews abandoning a commitment to Judaism due to the pain, challenges and confusion in their lives and not truly being understood by those tasked with understanding.  If only they had the right people to speak to. I can’t blame them, for I too was in those shoes facing significant spiritual challenges having no one I felt I could turn to.

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